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There are a number of variables that can lead to the need for concrete repair. A professional concrete company can assess your particular situation to help you decide what the most cost effective method is to fix the issues. Regardless of the reason the concrete has become compromised there is nothing quite like a fresh slab of concrete to reinvigorate a home. If it is the driveway that needs replacing it can add that curb appeal your home may have lost over the years. Our experts can walk you through the design, demolition and installation process so there are no surprises.

Broken up concrete from removing a cracked driveway in Milwaukee

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There are a number of circumstances that can lead to cracked concrete here a the most common ones


Age- Residential concrete slabs are not designed to last forever, over time the concrete can become brittle. As the concrete ages all the factors below become magnified it terms of causing damage to the slab.


Sub-base- When a contractor goes to install a new slab they pay close attention to the base material. If it is sandy or loose soil they will need to take extra measures to compact it making it solid. Whether a previous contractor failed to do this or the soil simply began to shift over time this can cause the concrete to crack.


Tree Roots- This one is self explanatory, roots will travel in the path of least resistance which can be your driveway or patio slab.


Erosion- When water run-off is not properly handled it can erode away at the sub-base taking away to the support for the concrete thus causing it to fracture.


Improper Sealing- When concrete is not sealed every couple years it water can begin to seep underneath the slab. This is where cold weather can become a factor. The water under the slab with freeze and expand which overtime shifts, cracks and destroys the concretes integrity.

In any case one or more of these issues has come to plague you, so whats next? Give us a call to schedule a free assessment of your cracked concrete.


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